Excursions for the Week

Here are our planned visits for our 5 days away. We are busy all day plus we squeeze in an activity in the evening too.

Monday all day – Travel to centre.
Monday evening – Beach games.

Tuesday am – Boulangerie Visit
Tuesday pm – Sweet Factory Visit
Tuesday evening – Crepe Café visit

Wednesday all day – WW1 Day, including: Visit to Arras, Wellington Quarry and Vimy Ridge.
Wednesday evening – Night Hike

Thursday am – Market at Le Touquet
Thursday pm – Goat Cheese Farm
Thursday evening – DISCO!

Friday all day – Travel home


18 thoughts on “Excursions for the Week

  1. Sarah hilton

    Looks like u have a busy week. Josh enjoyed every single minute of his time there, as will all of u, doing things u will probably only experience once. Be brave and try a snail or 2, u may like it…..


  2. Kath Hoult (leah grandma)

    Hope you all have a fantastic few days away, looks like you have loads of good things to do, enjoy every minute!


  3. Miss Bryce

    WOW sounds like a fun-filled week. Remember two things… be adventurous and I really like sweets Enjoy this wonderful opportunity!


  4. Tom's mum

    That looks like such an exiting itinerary you have planned. I know Tom will love it all he has been so excited. Enjoy everyone this is such an amazing experience for you.


  5. Heather & Charlie

    I hope everyone will have a good time there.We wish we were there with all of you.we had fun reading this posed have a great time there.wish we where there.


  6. Hazelnut Class

    We think it sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun. Taylor thinks the sweet factory outing sounds very exciting. Oscar would have loved to play the games on the beach. Shana thinks the disco sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Max would like to try a crepe.

    We have some questions we’d like you to answer:
    Gracie-What does the centre look like and have in it?
    Natalie- What games did you play on the beach?
    Trey- Which part of France are you staying in?
    Oscar- Is there a swimming pool at the centre?
    Lucy-What do the bedrooms look like?
    Everyone-Mrs Mercer, will you try a snail?

    We hope you enjoy the rest of the week and we can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

    From Hazelnut Class and Miss Hemsall


  7. missrjackson

    Hello, it’s Holly Tree Class here. We hope you are having a fabulous time in France and are really enjoying the experience. We really like the sound of the activities that you have planned. Owen would like to know what your favourite activity has been so far. Harry would like to know what games you played on the beach and if you thought they were fun. Olivia would like to know if the WW1 day was interesting and whether you have learnt something new.

    We also have a special message for Brooke who is in our class – We hope you are having a really good time and we look forward to hearing all about the trip when you come back to school next week.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in France,
    from, Holly Tree Class 🙂


  8. Sarah hilton

    I’m sure u have all had a fantastic week so far, the photos have a been great, enjoy yr last day and disco tonight. Jack is looking forward to seeing his friends and finding out what they have been up to…



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